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  1. John_Csuti

    More servers

    Added Creative with massive plots and will be planning on doing more in the future. ;)
  2. John_Csuti


    Adding minions to skyblock or any server we have ruins the experience of grinding for the materials you need. Those materials you get can then be sold to shop or used on your island. If you had minions for mining or farming that would mean the server is no longer a place to play but to AFK while...
  3. John_Csuti


    The purpose for nametags to not be on the shop, is that they are a rare item that shows you have been playing for a while. Adding them to the shop would ruin the rarity of them. Suggestion Denied
  4. John_Csuti

    Add soul soil to shop

    Not adding to the shop. There is now a single piece of soul soil in the starting nether chest. In order to get it an is reset is required. Suggestion Denied
  5. John_Csuti

    More servers

    I think that we should have more servers in the network besides just skyblock.
  6. John_Csuti

    How to open a ticket

    Steps to open a ticket for any reason are easy and fast. *Submitting multiple tickets in a short period of time could be suspected spam and will not be tolerated. 1. Login using your username and password. 2. on the navigation bar select tickets. 3. Choose new ticket. 4. Select the ticket...
  7. John_Csuti

    Updated Voting sites

    As far of you may be aware we have voting sites that give you a reward for voting in game. Those site are listed here as well as in minecraft if you do "/vote" *Please note that spamming the crates at spawn may result in your key being taken and no reward given. Site 1: Minecraft-MP Site 2...
  8. John_Csuti

    Network reboot

    Hello all, I am writing you to explain what is going to be happening over the next 3-4 months. Currently the network has been moved and the lobby server is now a kinda sorta blank survival world. This survival world will be the main server in the reboot. There is still a network behind it but...
  9. John_Csuti

    Allowed Game Modifications

    Game Modifications What client sided mods do we allow on the network? This thread covers what mods you will be allowed to use on the network. Mods which aren't listed are not allowed. We highly recommend that you follow this thread to ensure that we have a balance game-play for all users...
  10. John_Csuti

    Account safty

    The following thread covers some simple information how to keep your account safe and to prevent incidents. Account Sharing Do not share your account. The account holder is responsible for the account and any actions performed with it, so if your friend gets punished, you can't appeal and say...
  11. John_Csuti


    64 Stacks Server Rules In general, respect each other and do not run around ruining the atmosphere for others, just so you can have fun. Below you can find more in-depth explanations of the main rules. If you are still unsure whether something is against the rules, ask a staff member. Even if a...
  12. John_Csuti

    Working on

    Working on
  13. John_Csuti

    Staff Application

    Info: 64 Stacks Minecraft Network is a vanilla and modded server. We include skyblock, survival, and creative. We also have one modded server called stackpack 2 this is modded skyblock server based on the skyfactory modpack but is easier to run. Our goals: 64 stacks has three main goals The...